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RBWCD & Seaplanes

We are the 2nd Seaplane airport in Colorado and working with the Colorado Seaplane and AOPA to make a landing on Kenney Reservoir an enjoyable time.

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Aquatic Nuisances Species (ANS) Policy

Over the past years, amphibious seaplanes have become a rather common sight at Kenney Reservoir. The Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District (RBWCD) and its Boards Members are excited to now include amphibious seaplanes as a common vessel within the recreational designation at Kenney Reservoir. Just like any other motorized vessel at Kenney Reservoir, a policy has been set in place for the safety and well being of all recreational users. Before the seaplanes pontoons will be allowed to splash down our policy includes;

  1. Seaplane Pilots are encouraged to contact the RBWCD prior to travel via email or telephone at (970) 675-5055
  2. All seaplane pilots must successfully obtain and possess:
    1. Current Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Aquatic Nuisance Species Certification
    2. Purchase a Day Pass of $7.00 online, Main entrance to the marina, or by contacting the RBWCD.
  3. All seaplanes must be inspected and decontaminated for ANS. Inspections and decontamination may be scheduled prior to splash in at Kenney Reservoir by contacting the Colorado Northwestern Community College, Rangely Airport at (970) 675-2316

Once these steps have been completed, seaplanes will be permitted to land and enjoy Kenney Reservoir. Please follow and abide by RBWCD’s rules of courtesy found on our website for all users at Kenney reservoir and use extreme caution with the other recreators sharing the space.